Our rare water source


白水泉,坐标41°N,126°E,地处东北亚神山——长白山,是世界公认全球仅存优质水源带; 白水泉是长白山地区迄今发现的唯一一处天然麦饭石自涌泉


Baishan Maifan Springs, coordinates 41° N, 126° E, is located in the northeast range of the Changbai Mountains, is internationally recognized for its high-quality water; Baishan Maifan spring is currently the only natural maifan stone spring in the world.

Billions of years ago, a volcanic shift formed an aquifer with natural spring water; situated in an untouched ecological environment of immense forests and snow-covered villages of the Changbai Mountains’ nature reserve protected by the United Nations Man and Biosphere program (MAB).

The Magical Maifan Stone


自然水经历多结构岩层矿化,由麦饭石矿脉吸附、溶滤,清除水中有害元素,释放有益元素,自然调节水质酸碱度并保持在7.8 ± 0.5的水平。由于其独特的矿物组成及效用,传统中医理论将其视为“药石”,在食品和饮料的生产制备过程中也颇受青睐,亚洲地区均有共识。

A mineralization process occurs when natural water moves through the layers of Maifan bedrock. The Maifan Stone absorbs the water, removing harmful elements while releasing beneficial elements, maintaining a natural pH level of 7.8 ± 0.5. Its mineral composition has made its use, within traditional Chinese medicine, as well as food & beverage preparation, very popular in Asia.

  • 一种硅酸盐矿物岩
  • 形成于距今5000万年至7550万年前;
  • 火山熔岩冷却、高压形成的复合矿物;
  • 蕴含钙、镁、钾、锌、硅、锶等多种有益矿物微量元素;
  • 《本草纲目》记载神奇功效;
  • 具备独特的吸附溶出和双向调节功能。
  • A silicate mineral rock
  • Formed 50 million to 75.5 million years ago;
  • Composite minerals formed by volcanic lava under high pressure;
  • Contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, metasilicic acid, strontium and other beneficial mineral trace elements;
  • The "Compendium of Materia Medica" declares it as a medicinal stone with magical effects;
  • It has the unique function of absorption and dissolution.


Best Natural Water Taste

最佳天然口感奖 提名


Part of the family


独特的软水属性,非常适合泡茶、煮咖啡,可以保留其原本风味。我们的水更易, 激发出食材丰富的香气及口感。

With its unique soft water properties, our water is great for preparing tea and coffee, retaining its original taste. Our water allows for ingredients to easily oxidise, resulting in richer tastes and aromas.


2017 - The 7th Good Water, Chinese Tea Drinking Water Contest
First Place - The Mei Hua Xue Award


A mother’s choice


我们的水天然低钠、各项指标均符合国内外各专业机构提出的婴幼儿饮用水标准,非常适合冲 泡婴儿配方奶粉。如果您的宝宝非母乳喂养,我们的水则是你的选择。


Our water is naturally low in sodium, far exceeding the parameters set by various international standards for suitable drinking water preparation of infant formula. If your baby is formula-fed, our water is the choice for you.

MaiAqua Springs is suitable for anyone wanting to lower their sodium intake.


Works for you



With its slightly alkaline pH, our easy to absorb water, accelerates the metabolism and promotes the elimination of toxins, while helping to balance blood pressure.